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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 Unashamed Impact *90 Day Bible Challenge*

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Woot woot! Told you April was going to be busy. 

I've one more challenge to share with you all today, and that is the 90 Day Bible (Reading) Challenge!

Yes, you read that right--this is a challenge to read through the entire Bible in just 90 days. Whether you aren't a Christian, have just become a Christian, or have been following Christ Jesus for years, this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know God. 

Yeah, so maybe it's weird that I'm saying if you aren't a Christian you should sign up...but hey, I've read the Qur'an, the Bhagavad Gita, the Analects, and many other works of religion and/or philosophy, and I was able to learn a lot about other peoples' cultures and ideas and how they perceive the world. Essentially the point I'm trying to make here is that Truth is Truth, no matter where it exists. 

(Note that I'm not saying the Qur'an, BG, A, etc. are all truth and don't require filtering. The only Book that doesn't require filtering is God's Word, because it is God-breathed. I know, I know...if you don't believe in God, I get that you'd disagree with don't take my word for it. Read the Bible yourself, and be open to the possibility. What harm can come of that?)

And while we as humans may judge a person based on what other people say about them, don't we all know that unless we actually get to know that person ourselves, we don't *really* know them? Rumors are, after all, just rumors; how do we know if they have any basis if we don't properly investigate?

Same thing with God. 

Christians are supposed to be representatives, or ambassadors of Christ...but some 'Christians' call themselves Christian without actually following Christ. (Aka: hypocrites.) And despite what's been said of us, we aren't perfect and never will be on this earth--so yeah, we mess up (a lot). But those who follow Christ know that we are forgiven, and we get back up from our faceplant and press on. 

Point is, instead of judging Jesus based on the actions of those who claim to know Him, why not just ask Him and find out Who He *really* is yourself? 

So go on, take on the Bible reading challenge, even if you can only manage a few days. Try to keep an open mind; just listen, hold your peace...and then, when you're through, make your conclusions and act accordingly. 

If you're a new Christian and are hopping on board the challenge, great!! I remember reading the entire book of Genesis right after I accepted Jesus as my Savior and delighted in how wonderful it was to get to know the God Who said He loved me. One of the best parts: hundreds of Believers are participating around the globe! 

And to the seasoned: the Word of God is alive and powerful! We are always learning and growing and being renewed in the Word. Read on! :)

I just looked on the site and it says that sign-ups are closed (I thought they'd remain open...I thought they did last year. I haven't been keeping up to date, obviously. Oops.), BUT that doesn't mean you can't participate! 

Here's a schedule:

Don't worry if you jump on a little late, or miss a day. Try to keep up with the pace, but if you fall behind, no worries! Make up the days at the end of the challenge ^_^.

If you're participating (or have just decided to participate), comment below! We'll be reading buddies (with hundreds of other people around the world) :D.

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