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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer: Road Trip!

Because I might've went a tad overboard last month with the number of posts and general craziness, I thought May should be a cool down month.

Yeah...I kind of swung too far and only ended up with one (rather uninteresting) post...!
I <3 Loki :D

Alas, it's too late to change it. It was probably for the best anyway. I mean, I was only going to review Ensnared and The Winner's Curse. *cries*

On a positive note, road trip!!

I'm off to North Carolina tomorrow...then Georgia...then NC...and I'll be back in AL (Lord willing) Monday evening. I won't be going it alone the whole way; NC is more like a pit stop to grab my bestie, who will be traveling with me to a wedding.

On one hand, I'm stoked--am I there yet??! (Well?!) On the other hand, I'm fighting off the nervousness that stems from my inherent lack of directional sense. (Translation: Yep. Totally panicking.)

We tried out our new GPS, and it went, well, about as well as it could possibly go with a severely directionally challenged person. I feel slightly better knowing Garfield (so named b/c Garmin. Ha. Get it?) is there. If I had to go it with written directions and my iPhone...I honestly couldn't say I'd make it out of my house. 

When I get back I'll be getting a root canal done -_-, and then I'll be teaching the Missions segment for Vacation Bible School *^_^*, and THEN I'm going to get a Hida (? pssh, who really knows the names of these things unless you go to med school) scan T_T. 

Woot for emoticons! :o

So. My point in saying the above was...well actually...I dunno. I just felt like blabbering, I guess....but I'm looking forward to next month a a more balanced month of posts! And Ensnared *_*, of course.