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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer: Road Trip!

Because I might've went a tad overboard last month with the number of posts and general craziness, I thought May should be a cool down month.

Yeah...I kind of swung too far and only ended up with one (rather uninteresting) post...!
I <3 Loki :D

Alas, it's too late to change it. It was probably for the best anyway. I mean, I was only going to review Ensnared and The Winner's Curse. *cries*

On a positive note, road trip!!

I'm off to North Carolina tomorrow...then Georgia...then NC...and I'll be back in AL (Lord willing) Monday evening. I won't be going it alone the whole way; NC is more like a pit stop to grab my bestie, who will be traveling with me to a wedding.

On one hand, I'm stoked--am I there yet??! (Well?!) On the other hand, I'm fighting off the nervousness that stems from my inherent lack of directional sense. (Translation: Yep. Totally panicking.)

We tried out our new GPS, and it went, well, about as well as it could possibly go with a severely directionally challenged person. I feel slightly better knowing Garfield (so named b/c Garmin. Ha. Get it?) is there. If I had to go it with written directions and my iPhone...I honestly couldn't say I'd make it out of my house. 

When I get back I'll be getting a root canal done -_-, and then I'll be teaching the Missions segment for Vacation Bible School *^_^*, and THEN I'm going to get a Hida (? pssh, who really knows the names of these things unless you go to med school) scan T_T. 

Woot for emoticons! :o

So. My point in saying the above was...well actually...I dunno. I just felt like blabbering, I guess....but I'm looking forward to next month a a more balanced month of posts! And Ensnared *_*, of course. 


Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 PAD *Poem a Day* Update Week 4

Can you believe it?? The PAD challenge is officially over...we made it!

I planned to update on saturday -_-, but after the conference (training hours for daycare), the yardsale, and massive house cleaning (mold o_o), my brain was like jello. Also, I didn't get to the Day 30 poem until this morning ^_^'...anyway....

The end was bittersweet—on the one hand, a huge sigh of relief, and on the other, a forlorn glance back (is it really over? So soon?)

There were many days I thought I'd call it quits, when I thought I couldn't make it because I'd had a long day, my brain wasn't cooperating, I sucked, etc., but I survived the whole month, one poem at a time. And honestly, despite those rough patches, I really enjoyed myself—so much so I'm seriously considering doing it again (or something like it) soon.

Like summer kind of soon. July, anyone? (:

Couldn't resist :)
Comment if you're interested; I'd love to connect with you and have a writing buddy (or lots of writing buddies. That'd be stellar)! Or you can just find me on Twitter (@lynannecarroll) or Fb or Instagram (kasukedo17).

As I've done for the weeks 2 and 3, here are some poets whose work I enjoyed in my brief moments of scrolling on Poetic Asides:
  • Sara Ramsdell (dandelionwine)
  • Sara Diane Doyle (SestinaNia)
  • Ravyne
  • M. Marie
  • Bruce Niedt

You can see their work on the Poetic Asides blog or use the search tool. :)

And if you haven't seen my other updates and you're interested in seeing my work, some tips, and/or some other poets, you can check out PAD Challenge Updates for weeks 1, 2, and 3.

Here are this week's poems:

Day 22
Prompt: Nature poem

More like Water

We could be like
tiny sparks
encased in droplets of dew
condensed and dancing to
the syncopated beats of life's rhythm
yet remaining still,
cognizant of the present: this moment,
its onward flow,
and the willingness to just
for the “yes”