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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dust of the Dead Sea Angela Kulig *Blog Tour/Book Launch*

Today I'm excited to be a part of the 'team' promoting Angela Kulig's second installment of the Hollows series, DUST OF THE DEAD SEA! 

I've been intrigued since I first heard about The Skeleton Song (prequel to Skeleton Lake)--I mean, come on, the title is epic right--and thought the idea behind it all was fascinating. And because something about dust and a sea apparently speaks to me (loved Ocean of Dust...!)--ha--and because Angela Kulig's fantastic :3, I jumped at the chance to celebrate the book birthday here on DaybreakInAutumn and be a small part of the blog tour.

*Sigh* The Hollows series is one I've really been looking forward to reading (I haven't yet because I'm a slacker T_T with PTSD trying to work on my own novels), and after reading an excerpt of Dust of the Dead Sea...yes. Yes I want to read them!! :) 

Anyway, enough of my rambling...onto the book!


There are many things between Heaven and Hell, and Marlow the Skeleton is just one of them. Taking the fight to the Hollows who tried to take her, Marlow travels with Raiden, the other half of her soul, to the worst place she can think of. The Dead Sea. Part crazy religious cult, part vengeful god, The Dead Sea isn't what she thought it would be—it's worse.

The thing is, you don't know you're addicted until you're in the monster's teeth. Marlow doesn't think she needs The Dead Sea, but it's poisoning her with every drop, and every raging wave, and all the dust collecting in her lungs. How do you fight a villain when the villain isn't a man, but a place?

Old characters with new agendas break the surface again, bringing fresh pain. Beneath a starless desert sky, Marlow and Raiden will confront a destiny that will end everything. They should have never gone to The Dead Sea to look for answers—they should have gone looking for questions.

Aaaaannnd I can't forget to give you links to The Skeleton Song and Skeleton Lake! (Psst...they're on sale for a limited time. Don't miss a great chance to delve into the series!)

About the Author
I'm Angela Kulig. I write books, many of which have been published. I live in Las Vegas, which sounds exciting, but I prefer to pretend I live in books. On nights like tonight when the wind laughs at me like it might get in, and the dark desert is ablaze with its many false stars it wouldn't be hard to believe my whole life really is fiction.

I wrote my first novel just shy of my thirteenth birthday, and at twenty-nine I still haven't stopped. Many times, I write about dark, tragic, and beautiful things. Sometimes, I write about love. Love in it's various forms; as love isn't all peanut butter cups and roses, usually it's dreadful. Often it's cataclysmic.

All I ever wanted to do was write books, but that was the dream of a little girl and it was surprisingly easily fulfilled. Now I want to write books people read, different books, about unique places and things; shocking books, books that make you feel alive, and characters you sometimes wish weren't dead.

Let's be friends. P.S. I use Amazon Associates. Not as a source of income, so much as they have a lot of tools that make my life as a writer easier. 

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