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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Moving to Wordpress...!

My latest post was in March 2016??? O_O

That probably merits some explaining. Ha. Well, long story short, Astrid Naomi Carroll was born :) and I went into social hibernation for many reasons, but mostly because I was overwhelmed, and when I get overwhelmed, all things social die first. Sorry.

As for Astrid, she is a healthy and (mostly) happy almost 8 month old. Last night I determined--again?--that her toddler years will be fearsome because she is ridiculously stubborn (where does she get that from?! >.>) and quick to tell us when she's not thrilled about something. The struggle is especially real when it comes to changing her diaper. *sigh*

This post is actually more of a tip of the hat to YOU, dear reader. Thanks for joining me on this sporadic journey! Now that it's 2017, I've decided it's finally time to move to Wordpress--a complete reboot. It's been fun, but I've been contemplating the move for a while.  

To everyone who read the mad, oft-random and rambling posts of mine, THANK YOU. Your support goes beyond words. Thanks for sticking around!!

If you're free and willing, I invite you to celebrate the move/reboot of DaybreakInAutumn with me. First post will be live January 31st!

Here's the link to the new blog :)!

If you want to find it later without following this link, the domain is currently 'daybreakinautumn' instead of 'lynannecarroll'.