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Saturday, January 3, 2015

**Happy New Year!**

Does anybody else feel old...? Just thinking about it being 2015 makes me feel old O_O.

2014 passed by like a breeze.

I had big plans for 2014: finish my first novel (still hasn't happened; the other seven books in the somewhat simultaneous series keep demanding my attention), have a rough draft of my second novel ( already know what I'm going to say here), blog better (mehhhh, it was ok. LOL).

All in all, it wasn't the best year in terms of book progress. But I'm encouraged by the thought that when, Lord willing, I actually DO get my first novel written, it'll be worth it all. >.> Probably. Ha. I'd rather proceed at a slow pace and have a masterpiece than rush and have a full novel that's only mediocre.

So, resolutions for 2015!

I'm going to fess up here and admit that I didn't make any ^_^', BUT I do want to finish this book—which is actually feasible this time around, now that I've got a much better vision for the series as a whole—and communicate more often with family and friends. 

Producing a manageable blog schedule would also be stellar...though frankly, I doubt that's going to happen between critiquing, writing/plotting, reading, and reviewing. Hrm. E for effort may well be on the horizon for this one. 

Have you made any fabulous resolutions for 2015--or did you have any major successes in 2014?  I'd love to hear them :)