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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why *does* July seem so empty? *Update*

Like most months this year, July has been a sad month for the blog :'(. It'll get there eventually... 

The kanji for 'month' and 'moon' (月) are the same in Japanese.
July has been lonely on the blog. Sad moon! 
Anyway, I  mentioned last month that I wanted to have a Japanese post up. Clearly that didn't happen. This not happening stuff is lame...but somewhat expected in light of all that's happened. Random bit of trivia: there are thousands of Japanese apps for iPhones alone. 

Because I wanted to test out several of those to recommend before I posted, and it took me longer than I thought it would, I decided to postpone. It'll be up later this month.  I'm so excited *^_^* 

Aside from that, the blog has also been slowed by one of my major writing goals this summer: to finish the first installment of SPHERES! (Whispers and Murmurs.) 


Yeah, Whispers and Murmurs is moving along at about the pace of a slug. 
Made by stephiethecat, featuring Sokka from Avatar: the Last Airbender

On top of subbing for people at the daycare during my writing hours, I've been slacking on occasion because the task is just so daunting o_o. I should qualify that. I'm also taking down the second installment, Yellow, at the same time in an attempt to query both of them by December. 

You might be thinking...isn't that your problem? Just finish the first! And part of me agrees. But I actually enjoy switching between the two... 

Worse still, funny-but-seriously-NOT-funny: my blog got marked as spam by Blogger's automated spam detector -_-! Is this why so many have moved to Wordpress? Take note, Blogger! If this ever happens again, I'm moving to Wordpress...

If you were looking for my blog during that time (unlikely, but possible lol), sorry!  

Now for some good news. 

Possibly the coolest online crit network I've found for female (sorry, guys) writers? Ladies Who Critique. LWC is a fantastic critique outreach group--kind of like, except for writers. It's brill. I've already found at least 2 people that I can work well with, and that I can chat with about various writerly subjects (like rejection, busyness, and dreams).

If you're looking for a more intimate crit group/partner and don't have one in your area--or you just want another--check out LWC. Sometimes the site is a little wonky (beta stage), but it's well worth your time and effort to meet and swap with fellow writers. 

Coming up: I'll be reviewing Press Play by Eric Devine ^_^ (and Summer on the Short Bus by Bethany Crandell if time allows). 

Enjoy the last bits of summer!! Cheers :)

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