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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cicada Magazine Calling for Submissions on Maps and Monsters
Cicada magazine, a YA lit/comics magazine targeted for ages 14+, is calling for submissions on Maps and Monsters. 

What this means according to their site: 

"Cicada's out to fill an upcoming issue with krakens, ogres, and other beasties, literal and figurative. We're interested in the monstrous as dangerous and strong; in monsters that lurk without and within. Monsters may show up on maps (especially weatherbeaten old sea charts), though largely as shorthand for the uncharted and unnamed. We're interested in the way maps help navigate the wilderness, inspire exploration, and track relationships, spatial and otherwise.

Send us poetry, fic (genre/realistic), essay, and comics on maps & monsters! Include 'Maps and Monsters' in front of your submission's title to be considered."

The deadline is July 31st. It's coming up fast, but if you think you have something to submit--or an idea worth penning and submitting--you should totally go for it!

*I'm not affiliated with Cicada or Cricket (etc) in any way. Just spreading the word!*

Here's the link to Cicada if you're interested in submitting or finding out more before deciding to submit!

Be brave :)

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