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Friday, July 25, 2014

July comes to a close

Hello all :)

I'm sad as a bee about this post because I have some not-so-great news, but it isn't all bad.

Here's the good news: I'm going on a mission trip! Woohoo! I'll be gone for about a week, and not only will I not have time to write on the blog, I also won't have internet access. So obviously I won't be posting anything until I get back.

Here's the sad news: Once again, I've run out of time for my Japanese post! *cries*


I could fill a whole post with sad faces...but I don't have time for that lol. Point is, I'm really sad and sorry about it. This is what happens when you only expect to work part time because that's what you normally work...but end up coming in early so many consecutive days it's almost full time. 

But, Lord willing, I PROMISE this post will be up early next month. 

Other than that, I hope you'll sign up for the 2014 Summer Reading Olympics on Goodreads and that you enjoy the rest of July!!

Cheers! :)

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