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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pieces of the Sky

I've been building up a collection of sky photos for a while now, and since I have a blog, I thought why not share them here? 

Although I'm not a photographer or anything, I think most of the pictures (or at least what's in them) are gorgeous, and I'm excited to be able to share them with you :3.

Cloud cover (while driving...obviously)

I regret not having the stroke of brilliance to *video* this, as watching the clouds creep over and waft through the sky was incredible! Still, I'm happy about capturing a tiny piece of the moment.

Sun burst through cloud cover

Sun burst...again

I really like the hope, possibility, and freedom that these two pictures convey. It was difficult to get the shot right, though, which I why I took two pics...and I still don't feel like I really captured it. *sigh* oh well. I tried. 

Rainy day sky

Rainy days frequent Alabama summers, which throws off my groove. But I like the idea behind a big gray sky--it seems so peaceful and certain about the future. It has a grace about it that is open and submissive to change. 

Dusky pink sky
Dusk is one of my favorite times to take sky pictures because of the hues--peach and peony and lilac look lovely together, don't they? It makes me so happy ^_^

Moon at dusk

Ahh! This picture is so cool!!! Well, it could've come out better--it looked about 10x more fantastic in real life. Still, what a great moment to be alive to see :)

Night skyline at Vulcan
Another view of the night at Vulcan

City lights are fantastic. The best ones that I've ever seen (other than Tokyo, of course...but I've never actually been IN Tokyo, so...): Quebec. The buildings were the prettiest shade of green because of the aged copper, and the lights were everywhere. It was breathtaking.

And finally--I tried to save the best for last!--here's a picture of a double rainbow!!

Double rainbow in a lavender evening sky

If you look closely, you can see the double rainbow!! I didn't have my phone on me when I saw this, but a friend of mine did, so she took a picture and was kind enough to send it to me. Thanks :)!

Well, what did you think? Beautiful, right?? 
I hope you enjoyed these pieces of the sky!


  1. Oh they are gorgeous Lynanne! I love the first pink one. Great job on em.

    herding cats & burning soup

    1. Thanks Anna!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the pictures :). I really like the pink one, too...I just also really like the moon one (I remember the sky that day when I look at that one, so it's kinda nostalgic)...and the rainbow. So you see my dilemma in trying to settle down on a favorite lol


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