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Monday, July 22, 2013

Character Feature: Roronoa Zoro from One Piece

Since Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Blog commented about Zoro sounding ‘awesome’, I decided that my first character feature would be about Zoro.

*Sorry it’s taken me so long to do a feature, or really, post at all—we just got back from driving to Pennsylvania, we had VBS (3+hrs a night) last week, and we’re thinking about moving to GA within 2 months, so…the vice of time has been tight!*

If you guessed that my first post would be about Axel, you were right up until the moment above. Not to worry; Axel has a huge claim to fame, so it won’t be long. :3

The Profile:

Roronoa Zoro (say that 3 times fast with proper Japanese pronunciation! O_O)
Former bounty hunter and Straw Hat pirate

Pirate Hunter Zoro
Marimo (lovingly given by Sanji, meaning "moss-head")

Age: 21
Birthday: November 11th (guys, that's my birthday, too! :D)
Height: 5'11"
Weapon of Choice: Katana
Bounty: 120,000,000

Dream/goal: To become the greatest swordsman in the world 
Biggest weakness: Permanent status of Directionally Challenged, otherwise known as CONSTANTLY LOST
Biggest Strength: Perseverance

*Cocky, but has the skills to back up his arrogance
Champion snorer and booze consumer*

Priceless Episodes and Moments:
Meeting Zoro

The first time we see Zoro, he’s been captured by the Navy and is about to be executed. Luffy spots him and decides—without any input from Zoro—that they’re going to be nakama (best friends and partners) and Zoro is going to join his crew.

Zoro meets Tashigi

This is a priceless moment because Tashigi reminds Zoro of the girl that he grew up with as he was learning to fight with swords. The girl, Kuina, always managed to best him at everything…until she died…and when he sees Tashigi, he decides that he simply can’t fight her because he is reminded of Kuina. The whole ordeal he faces is rather cute.

Zoro hangs out with Perona (Ghost girl)

I laugh every time I think about this episode—SO funny. Zoro is stuck in a weird castle with a famous swordsman (Mihawk), a ghost girl named Perona, and a bunch of crazy, sword-wielding apes…and in order to get Mihawk to teach him how to fight, he must defeat the apes. But first, he must navigate the castle.

As I’ve mentioned before now, Zoro has ZERO navigational skills. Even more tragically, Zoro refuses to believe that he has absolutely no sense of direction. 

So Zoro races around and around the various rooms of the castle looking for his room, and, to no one’s surprise but his own, fails to find it. He gets really frustrated, and Perona takes pity on him and tries to direct him back to his room so he can recover his swords. Tries.

She gives him the simplest directions—go left; go up the stairs; go around the stairs, not up them—and Zoro, without fail, does the exact opposite of what she says because he’s just that challenged. In the end, Perona decides that Zoro is just hopeless and leads him to his room.
This is also hilarious because Perona decides to make Zoro into a bear while he's sleeping because she doesn't have her giant stuffed bear anymore. This is his expression when he wakes up:

This post is getting long, so I'm just going to share my favorite ^_^.

Zoro and Sanji
The rivalry between these two is hilariously funny; they insult one another with nicknames, they almost constantly fight over petty things, and they compete in battles of strength against opponents on a regular basis. 

And yet, for all their fighting, they trust one another and acknowledge each other's strength. Brotherly love--entertaining, frightening, and reassuring lol. 

Welp, that's all I've got!

~Da, da, da, dun dun dun dun!~
Do you have a favorite Zoro moment or relationship?

Pictures from One Piece Wikia unless otherwise noted. 

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