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Monday, March 25, 2013

Not Sneaking (What I've been up to as a writer)

At the top of my blog I mention that I’m an aspiring author/novelist, but I haven’t dished out the details about what I’m up to…until now! 

I’ve had this Sci-fi/Fantasy novel series concept going in my head for about 8-9 years. I know, I seems like a monstrous chunk of time (because it kind of is ^_^’). 

But during college I didn’t have time to invest in writing, and during high school I had no idea what I was doing. Case in point, I threw away the first 115 pages of my handwritten manuscript because it was complete garbage. It took me ages just to write it…but trash is trash, and trash doesn’t have a place in any novel of mine—uh, I hope not anyway. Long story short, there were only two things that survived that initial purge: the world itself and the characters.

If you’re saying ‘ouch’, my reply is ‘understatement’. It was a worse-than-gorilla-tape-being-ripped-off-your-arm kind of ouch.  But now, as I see my story finally coming together, I’m outrageously happy I ditched the ‘original’ version…it’s SO much better now. So. Much. Better.

QK (it’s a ninja!)

The gist of SPHERES: 8 books, 8 stories, 1 meta-story.

Each of the 8 books features one of the 8 characters from the cast as its protagonist, but--this is the cool part!!! Can you tell I am excited to share this??!--this doesn’t mean each book simply explores a different perspective. Each book is literally an embodiment of its protagonist—from the storyline (particular events a character is involved in) to the POV to the writing style, etc. Everything is tailored to that one character.

Doesn't that sound FANTASTIC?? Ok, I'm biased. But hey, it is my idea. I can be. 

So why eight books instead of…well, one?

With 8 books, there won’t be any whiplash as you try to figure out which character is which, or which perspective you’re about to be placed in (e.g. Game of Thrones, first 6-7 chapters)…yet you’ll still experience every significant perspective in order to piece the grand story together as you read.

Epic WIN. :D

And while nothing is 110% solidified at this point, I’d like to share a couple of brushstroke details about the first two books in the series…

SPHERES: Whispers and Murmurs
Whispers and Murmurs will be the first book in the series. Whispers and Murmurs features a clumsy and rather snarky (sarcastic and witty) 17-year old princess named Nikaiya, who would likely spend her life exploring the ocean and sunbathing on isolated rocks if she could. An adventurer at heart, she wants to experience life to the fullest…and in her mind, that doesn’t mesh with becoming a queen. Her strange appearance, among other things, causes her to question her humanity.
                Style: First person stream of consciousness, chronological storyline

Yellow will be the second book in the series. Yellow features a mischievous and troubled teenage girl named Kara, who has a zero tolerance policy for religious/spiritual hypocrisy. The trauma in her life has unlocked the rare, but not unheard of, ability to create and wield dark energy. Most of Yellow revolves around her striving against both her past and her future.
                Style: First person, dual storyline

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