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Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's a...

Last post of the month of March...! 

I'm always saying things like this, but I can't believe it's already April. April 2016. How crazy is that?!

This post is really my way of reaching out to people about the newest addition to my family, coming (Lord willing) in June. I'm so excited *_*! 

I announced to work and family very early on because of symptoms—nausea, difficulty breathing (prenatals helped), and a hyper-sense of smell. Ok, *a* sense of smell, because before I became pregnant, I didn't have one. But it was still intense. I actually had to bring dryer sheets to the grocery store because I couldn't take the smell of particular sections (I'm looking at you, deli, seafood, and meat -_-)...

Anyway, I'm currently 28 weeks along—aka 7 months—and wanted to share some pictures of our gender reveal. If you're unfamiliar with the term, it's basically a fun party where people come together to eat a few snacks and discover the gender of the baby. We decided to do a chocolate theme because it was in February, and used the famous Gump line on our invites (Life is like a box of chocolates...). Then we (translation: the fam, at their insistence) wrapped up a bunch of hershey bars. Only one was colored in and would reveal the gender.

I wish I'd caught the reveal on video T_T. It was so funny and sweet (pun not intended...but well played lol)! The person who got the winning candy bar was so excited she screamed and then, out of breath, was unable to share the information with everyone else until she took a moment to regain herself. It was a wonderful feeling, having someone as excited as us about the baby. I will treasure that moment for many years to come!

Here are some pics:

The food was delicious ^_^. Also, plentiful
The cupcakes I slaved over. If you ever decide to make your own frosting, reconsider. Trust me.
(Did you notice someone made off with a blueberry?)
Each table had a super cute centerpiece and a different candy.
I quickly banned myself from Skittles b/c necessary.
So many hershey bars...
It's a GIRL!
Wait, what?
 (Just kidding. It looks like that was what was going through our minds, though)
I imagine I was getting onto Chris for not smiling. It worked! :)
I look hesitant about something...
My favorite blooper pic: super confused!
I think our niece was doing something crazy LOL

 Welp, that's it! Hope you enjoyed the virtual reveal (even if you already knew the gender). I'll be posting again Wednesday (or...whatever day is the 7th) for PAD!

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