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Thursday, October 1, 2015

YASH Fall 2015 *Young Adult Scavenger Hunt*

It's the most wonderful time of the fall~~! 

YASH is back! 

Yes, I am that excited...and if you love YA books, you will be too (if you aren't already)! 

The main questions: What is this epic Hunt all about? How can I jump into the fray?

Well, dear reader, the Hunt is all about books, books, sweet giveaways, books, juicy never-before-seen exclusive content, books, more books, and fantastic authors. (And MOAR books :D!) There are 8 stellar teams participating this fall: blue, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and teal. I've included the graphics below from the official scavenger blog so you can check out which authors are on each team and what books are up for grabs.

And how is easy: just hop through the author blogs! 

All the authors on a team share their favorite number on their posts; you simply add all those numbers together and enter it into that team's rafflecopter. If the number is correct, you'll be entered for a chance to win every, yes, EVERY, book pictured for that team. You can enter for as many or as few teams as your book-loving heart desires (:

Of course you can also hunt down specific authors and enter various giveaways (some authors will feature their own), check out the exclusive content, and express your gratitude by commenting on their blogs. This is one of my favorite parts of the Hunt.

**Please let them know how much you love them and how much you love YASH!** 

To get started--and for more information--visit the official YA Scavenger Hunt page.  You can allow follow the Hunt on Twitter (#YASH) @YAScavengerHunt. Spread the word!!

The Teams:

Massive fangirling happening now. I'm stoked that two of my absolute favorite authors, Jessica Khoury and A.G. Howard, are participating this fall!! *squeals*

It's a tough choice, but if I had to pick just one team to enter, I think I'd enter Green. And if I had to choose one book, I'd pick The Forbidden Wish. 

What about you? What Team(s) will you enter? And if you had to choose just one book from this delicious collection, what would it be??

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