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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Finally back from my unexpected summer break! Woohoo

Hey all--Summer has come and past and now it is officially Autumn and Whispers and Murmurs has yet to be completed. *Sigh* 

I'm slow. So very, painfully slow. 

But hey, self-encouragement: Franny Billingsley, brilliant author of Chime, my favorite YA book of all time, expressed in her bio that it takes her a very long time to pen a novel (upwards of 7 years, I think, for Chime, which is a masterpiece). I've been working seriously on SPHERES for nearly 3 years. Granted, I had little to no clue what I was actually doing the first, so it was more of a learning curve, and I was also waylaid much of the time by PTSD. I remember taking the first 6 or so months out of college doing absolutely nothing aside from working at the Daycare and daydreaming and, well, being a recluse. 

You think I'm kidding. Nope. I didn't speak with anyone online or otherwise except one or two very close friends during that time. I might've even neglected those. Thankfully they understood that I still cared about them; I just needed a break from the stress of social interaction :). 

When stress piled high this summer, I realized maintaining the blog was simply not conducive to my health...which sounds ridiculous, but is actually true. I was overwhelmed by many things--mostly medical--and was attempting to finish the WIP. I'm still pretty devastated about not finishing Whispers and Murmurs. I'm also still sick. And as usual, I pile too much on my expectations list and am unable to complete the overly ambitious list because 1) um, it's OVERAMBITIOUS, and 2) I just feel crappy a lot :/. 

But I digress. The point is, I've been out of commission for the summer because of various reasons, and it's been disappointing, to say the least...but I'm back on track and ready to post some reviews, talk about YASH, writing, books, devotional time/journeying, etc. 

So if you've been following my blog, and/or if you take the time to read this, thank you! It means a lot. 


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