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Monday, March 31, 2014

Girls Gone Sci-Fi Tour *^_^*!

My signed tour poster :3.
Left to right: Jessica Brody, Lauren Miller, Tamara Stone, Jessica Khoury

Yes. I got to meet these Girls Gone Sci-Fi ladies in Birmingham, AL! Woohoo! :)

Jessica Brody, Lauren Miller, Tamara Stone, and Jessica Khoury are fantastic authors who write about uber cool (and, let's admit it, often scary) scifi scenarios involving things like time travel, cloning, memory/genetic manipulation, and parallel universes.

This was me (Anna):
Image Credit: Disney Wikia 

Except I was about 10x more awkward because I was so nervous. Seriously, I walked up to Tamara Stone because I wanted to speak with her and drew a complete Blank. So embarrassing lol. Despite my awkwardness, however, I still had a blast meeting/greeting everyone and chatting about books/life/being directionally challenged. 

Fun Facts: 

While chatting with fellow TFC alum Jessica Khoury, I discovered (or was reminded? I feel like I knew this...maybe...) that she was originally a Cross-Cultural Studies major before she switched to English. 

Lauren Miller is severely directionally challenged. There is hope for people like me haha! Also, random and weird thing I noticed after looking at the pics I took: we both tilt our heads when getting our picture taken.
The first shot was blurry, so we had to take a second. I have no idea what I'm looking at lol
Stone and Khoury sign on the bottom of their books, while Brody and Miller sign on the top. We all thought that was interesting. Also, it adds a nice symmetrical touch...


The Q&A was fantastic, especially the insider info on 'how to get blurbs' (ask very, very nicely; build connections and THEN ask very, very nicely; enlist your stellar editor/agent/publisher...and they'll ask very, very nicely!).

When I mentioned that I forgot to bring my Unforgotten necklace, Jessica Brody gave me a high-five and expressed that I was the first Unforgettable Fan she'd encountered on tour. I'm not sure if she meant the whole tour or just in Birmingham, but it made me happy regardless. 

I snagged some stellar swag--and totally caved on getting a signed copy of Parallel ^_^':

My pic shows like 3 swag items, but of course they had loads of stuff--stickers, bookmarks, pins, etc. But I played Operation Vitro and the Unforgettable Fan Challenge, so I already had a lot of cool stuffs ^_^. 

I must add that Parallel is SHIMMERY. Of course the pic doesn't do it justice--I mean, seriously, you can't even really see the *shimmer* :/. You should check it out on Goodreads; better pic quality for sure :). 

*sideways glance*

Ok, you should check it out on Goodreads anyway... 

AND I also was blessed with a 50 page preview of Free to Fall. WIN. No. Mega Win. If I knew how to dance and I actually danced when I was excited about things in the first place, I would have *Danced*.

Here it is, in all its 50-page splendor *^_^*

ANNNND, after explaining my ambition to be a YA sci-fi/fantasy author and a bit of my series to Jess Khoury, she told me to let her know when I was finished. 

Maybe you don't see why this is so exciting, so I'll explain: I greatly admire Khoury for both the things we have in common (a surprising amount, really) and the things we don't. I've always loved her work--even before she became a published author.'s kind of a big deal to me ^_^'.

If you missed out on the tour, my condolences--but I have good news! You can watch a Recorded Interview Here, compliments of WREG Channel 3 News.   Also, I'm sure that at least one of the authors will be blogging about the tour shortly, if they haven't already. 

You can find out more about these fabulous authors and their novels on their websites:


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself! I was also there and think they are fantastic authors.

  2. I sure did! They are, aren't they :)? I'm currently swamped with books to read so I can't get to Parallel--or that stellar 50 page preview--at the moment. But soon. Soon!

    Thus far I've read Origin and Vitro, and a little bit of Unremembered. Which books have you read?


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