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Monday, October 7, 2013

October is looking bookish :)

Last month was bookish. And--you guessed it--this month is going to be bookish, too! Most of the reason why: I'm scrambling to collect pieces and editing others to submit as a portfolio for a mega scholarship...and then I'll be working on my application to VCFA. Can you say freaking out???! Because guys, I am. Freaking out. 

Oddly...I've been seeing ads for VCFA's MFA program EVERYWHERE. This is also kind of freaking me out. I mean, in the past few days I've probably seen it like 5 times...on a video game forum/site, too, of all the strange places. I think it may be a sign (I really really really *hope* it's a sign). ^_^'

Anyway, I'm loving all the stuffs that I have to share with you in blasts and tours. Got a couple of ARCs that I'm reading through now--Dan Rix's Broken Symmetry and Rachel Inman's The Blue-Eyed General. I'll be posting about them a bit later :3. 


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