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Monday, August 5, 2013

Road Trip! *Alabama to Pennsylvania*

A couple weeks ago, I was on the road with my husband traveling to PA for a wedding. It was kinda brutal ^_^'; I get car sick sometimes and I hate being cooped up in a car for hours at a time...but the scenery was incredible!

I wanted to share some of the things I saw--from nifty bridges and buildings to breathtaking landscapes--with everyone. 

Here's to a mini road trip without the drive!!
Beautiful mountain landscape

How the world should be--GREEN
So. Southern. :)
Blue skies, smiling at me...well, most  of the time. 
Is this not one of the coolest buildings you've ever seen??!
I thought it was pretty snazzy for a medical center...
If I could paint...or draw...or even sculpt...this would be on my to-do list.
I know this one! Kentucky!! Where the corn grows...
Flags on the bridge!

Ok, I need to pause for a sec to talk about how hilarious this picture is. As we were driving through the state (erm, I think it was PA, but I honestly have no idea), we kept seeing bridges decked out with American flags. Some bridges had a couple, some had a few, and some, like this one, had a TON. It was really cool.
Anyway, this one took me by surprise; I was reading--devouring--Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld when Chris nudged me and said, "Look, here's another bridge with flags! Take a picture!" 

So I get my phone and try to ready the camera before we pass the bridge. This is nearly a feat in itself as we aren't very far away from the bridge to begin with, and we're going around ~70 mph. But I get the camera, and I get ready to take my one shot...and end up capturing the car instead! FAIL. Just fail. 
The other side of the bridge I missed from far away ^_^
This would make a lovely painting--even with the telephone pole
This could almost be Ireland, right? Almost.
What the road looked like 3 hours later....6 hours later....and 10 hours later x_x
Beginning of night--the backdrop was incredible
Do you see the moon?!
We stopped at a rest area and the moon was glowing in the middle of the pale marmalade sky.
*So pretty*
The Misty Mountains: USA style
Huge river. Very picturesque
Just around the river bend...there was more no one's surprise
Moon...light! (I have played Legend of Dragoon way too much.)
Another small river meandering through the mountains
Aside from the flyer, this picture looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel
This was also taken at the rest area...I figured it'd be nice to spread out the glory of it
Sunset in the clouds
Before the rain...
Wildflowers! Ironically, they surrounded the area near the toll booths...
PA--not while driving. It was too pretty to miss!
Sunset through the window
Corn--for miles and miles and more miles
...And more miles...
Loving the patriotism :)
I like the fact that I can stare at the sun when it's in pictures...because it's always tempting outside of them and never a good idea. 

I hope you enjoyed the trip ;)!
My next post will be about Kristen Cashore and her Graceling series--Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue.

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