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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top 10 Fantastical Modes of Transportation

Here is a list of the most epic modes of transportation *ever*!

Requirements for being on the list:

A) It must be fantastical, although the source—movie, book, game—doesn’t matter, and

B) It must be about the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, heard, or read.

#1: Aslan’s Breath
Narnia Series

Ok, this is #1 because, I mean come on, how cool would this be??!  

In the 6th book in the Narnia series, Jill is transported to Narnia from a mountain that is probably 3x taller than Mount Everest…by the breath of Aslan.  There is nothing that I can add to this to make it seem cooler than it already is. SO. EPIC.

Arythin, the TARDIS
Doctor Who (c) BBC
#1.5: The Tardis
Doctor Who

When I first compiled this list, I wasn't really a Whovian. I'd heard of Doctor Who and seen a youtube clip here and there...but I'd never really watched  it. And then I saw the first season, and fell in love. I've been wanting to add the Tardis to this list for a while, but never got around to it. 

Anyway, the Tardis is brilliant. I mean, come on--you can time travel in it, it's a blue police box, and it's bigger on the inside. What's not to love? *sound of Tardis departing*

#2: The Flying Bison
Avatar: The Last Airbender Series

Appa is the coolest flying animal I’ve ever seen, and I want one just like him. He’s adorable, fluffy, sweet, and he can travel long distances via flight (or swimming, if need be). I just had to have him on this list!

#3: Chocobos

Final Fantasy IX

If you know anything about Chocobos (or FF), you may be wondering why I totally discriminated against every game in the series by refusing to credit any of them except for IX.

Here’s why: in VII, you can breed, race, and travel with chocobos…which is admittedly really cool…VIII has no claim to fame other than Mr. “Whatever,” Rinoa, and Laguna…X allows limited travel in the Calm Lands/Highroad and requires you to train a chocobo to acquire Caladbolg…and XII+ make chocobos obsolete.

BUT in IX, you can play chocobo hot and cold and win treasure, you can use hot pepper to travel to edge of the sea and/or the sky, and you can find loads of goodies in various locations by using chocographs as maps.

AND, you can scour virtually every corner of the globe because Choco can run across mountains, swim in any part of the ocean, and fly anywhere (to land there must be a forest, though)—which is indicated by the color of his feathers! (I love the dark pink one ^_^)

Plus, you can meet the Fat Chocobo in Paradise.

FFIX is *clearly* the winning choice.

#4: Pixie Dust
Peter Pan

Practically everyone knows how pixie dust works—you sprinkle it on yourself, think really happy thoughts, and soar! I’d never be late to school or work again.

#5: The Cat Bus
Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

Oh, the Cat Bus…

It comes when you need it most, takes you exactly where you need to go, and is invisible to most people because they aren’t looking for it. And yes, this does trump the Knight Bus in Harry Potter because it’s a CAT.

#6: Wingly Portals
Legend of Dragoon

These are nifty little green orbs that can take you pretty much anywhere. You step into one and off you go, flying inside a orb of light to your destination. Wonder how woozy you’d feel afterwards…

#7: Bending
Avatar: The Last Airbender Series

I know I shouldn’t have added two things from the same source, but I had to make an exception because of how fantastic they were…

I wasn’t specific about what kind of bending because they’re all cool.

Firebending allows you to fly as if you were a human hot air balloon (albeit with more dexterity and control at your disposal). Airbending allows you to spin on a ball of air, sneeze and travel 10+ feet in any direction (uncontrollable, though :/), and use a glider to fly. Waterbending allows you to travel on the water or use plants to travel on the water, as the swamp people did. Earthbending allows you to ride the earth like a wave.

I couldn’t NOT add bending to the list.

#8: The Magic Carpet

As virtually everyone who’s acquainted with Disney knows, the magic carpet can fly. I want to go on a magic carpet ride—without Aladdin—so that I, too, can see a whole new world. By myself.


#9: Shoopufs
Final Fantasy X

A Shoopuf is kind of like a gigantic elephant with a tremendously long nose and an ultra calm demeanor. In FFX, you travel by Shoopuf over the Moonflow, a river that glows at night. It probably wouldn’t be exciting unless you rode down its nose to the water, but at least it’d be relaxing!

#10: Darkness Corridors
Kingdom Hearts Series

Alright, being able to go into the Realm of Darkness whenever you wanted and coming out in a different place in the Realm of Light would be *so* cool! There is a good reason this mode of transportation is last, though, and that is because darkness corrodes the heart and most people would become Heartless if they used it all the time. ^_^’

(Also, I know that the pic doesn't show the darkness...I had a specific screenshot in mind for it, but couldn't find it...and then I just decided that Axel's it makes up for it. :D)

**Like my list (or don’t)?** 
Vote for your favorite and/or add a fantastical mode of transportation you think should make the top ten!


  1. Then you have the gates in Stargate SG1 which is cool but the best mode of transport would have to be the tardis you could travel to any place or any time. That would be really cool

    1. Oh, haha...I didn't even think about the Tardis. (Then again, that could be b/c I don't watch tv very often *ahem*.) That would be cool! And the SG1 gates would be neat to travel through...I would be worried about what I was going to find on the other side, though. I guess I prefer modes of transportation where I can see my destination :)


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