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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Chronicles of Me (a mini-series of mini-stories and other such things)

This may sound stupid to you, but I’ve always wanted to complete a manga series titled The Chronicles of Me. (Great title, huh?)

Many of the events in my life could’ve made perfect manga panels…if only I could DRAW.

I suppose that my lack of artistic skill would be hilarious in and of itself, but eventually my failure to draw would become annoying, and then it the “manga” would ago up in flames—flames that I’d start to spare myself and everyone else around me from needless torture.

**Aside from that…it’s already the 20th of May??!!!  Definitely feel like I missed half of this month o_o.**

K, back to The Chronicles of Me…

Even though I can’t draw, I can still share a mini-story or two about the randomness of life/dorm/nerd weirdness. Don't worry, though, this isn't going to be an every post kind of thing! ^_^' 

I am considering doing a few posts featuring artists from Deviant, a post or two about Axel, eventually an author interview...but for now I am trying to keep my head attached and promote serenity rather than stress by not doing a whole lot of blogging (I'm getting details for scenes and settings in SPHERES patched up right now). 

TCOM, excerpt 1

~If we were affiliated with characters in One Piece~

*Names have been altered for the protection of the guilty. As for me, well, I have no problem being compared to Zoro, so…


                “You know, I could totally see myself with Sanji,” Hannah says, jarring me out of the One Piece episode we’re watching. Whipping my head from the laptop screen, I give her a look that says ‘you’re kidding, right?’
                No, she isn’t, I realize a moment later when she responds, “Because he’s actually pretty good looking! And he’s always well-dressed, he’s sweet, AND he can cook.”
                Hannah jabs me with a touché look before taking a split second to re-think it, after which point she concedes, “Ok, I could totally see myself with Sanji if he wasn’t such a perv.”
                I take a minute to consider it.
                Yeah, I guess I can understand that…
                Though I’m still a bit dazed, I nod my head and continue watching One Piece.


After being laughed at too many times to count for consistently heading in a direction directly opposite my destination…

               “Oh, shut up,” I say with a smile that’s beginning to stretch into a grin, and slow my steps so Melissa and Hannah can take the lead. “We both know this isn’t exactly a recent phenomenon; I’ve been directionally challenged all my life. And by directionally challenged, I mean severely incapable of following any directions, ever. I literally go the opposite direction of where I need to go!”
                “Yeah,” Hannah backs me up, “It’s true.” She laughs. “You know that episode when Zoro is trying to get back to the rendezvous point in Skypia—I think it’s the one where he zigzags around the lake on the map—and he completely misses the area like seven times? She’s worse.”
                I throw my hands up and exclaim, “Come off it, I am not that bad!”
                They exchange glances and leave me to dance beside the crickets.
                “Ok, it is pretty bad,” I finally agree. “But I’m not worse than Zoro.”
                And again…they exchange glances, and leave me to console myself by watching another episode of One Piece featuring Zoro getting lost 5+ times.


               “Lynanne, I’m kind of disturbed about something I’ve come to realize about myself after watching One Piece,” Megan confesses.
                I’m not sure how I should respond to this, so I remain silent and wait for her to elaborate. 
               “You know how Luffy always just decides things that you simply can’t decide? Like when he decides that Zoro is going to be his friend?” I give a quick, attentive nod.  “Well, I noticed that I’m beginning to do that now!”
                My face contorts with concern, dismay, and amusement. “Ooh, that’s…bad.”
                (For those who don’t read or watch One Piece, there could be serious repercussions for people who make decisions the way Luffy does.)
                “I know! I just decided that Justin and I are going to go to Japan after he graduates.”
                We both stare at one another for a long moment. Finally I say, “We need to fix this problem.”
                She nods, and then whispers, “But I don’t know how to stop!”



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    1. Haha, I know, right? He's hilarious, and I am (somewhat) secretly happy that I am compared to him on a regular basis.

      And besides that, he wields three swords and slices ships in half. Such a badarse. He's my fav *^_^*

      I would watch the series solely for the animosity/rival friendship between Sanji and Zoro.


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