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Saturday, January 12, 2013

As Juicy Fruit has claimed, Sharing Is Caring ^_^

So...sharing is caring....evangelism is sharing...evangelism is caring! 'Merica. 

You might ask: If I’m not a Christian and/or if I’m not interested in becoming one, why should I bother reading these posts?

Me: Good question. Welp, for one, everyone evangelizes.

You, raising eyebrows: I’m going to suppress my skepticism for 10-20 seconds.

Me: Think about it: the last time you watched a football or soccer game and your favorite team won 42 to 6 (I don’t know anything about sports, so don’t judge me), or when you attended an epic concert, or when you found out about [insert really great movie] coming out in 6 months, did you tell anyone about it??

You: Yeah…

Me:  Ha, what a coincidence *^_^*!  Me too—Distant Worlds concert=best EVER (Ok, only concert ever, but that’s beside the point. The point is, it would still be the best concert ever even if I had gone to 20 others.) And The Hobbit? I must’ve mentioned it at least 3 times in passing.

People share what they love. People share what they think is good, beautiful, and/or important. People share messages about their internal and external surroundings all the time—and by doing this, People Evangelize. WOOT!

I admit that most of the time I’ll be speaking about Christian evangelism (sharing the message of Christ, the Gospel). But evangelism is, in the broadest sense, applicable to all people in all arenas of life.

You: I can see your point, but I dunno if I’m ready to do the wave yet.

Me: Alright, here’s my next—and last for the sake of everyone’s blog-reading experience—argument:

Truth is truth.

I’ve read the Koran (Qur'an) and a selection of other religious/philosophical works (e.g. Bhagavad Gita--hope I spelled that correctly--and the Analects; selections from Heidegger and Kierkagaard), and I have yet to find any of them a waste of time or effort; each one has truth to share.

You may have to do some hardcore filtering and jigsaw-puzzle workouts, but truth remains…and isn’t truth worth searching for? 

We can learn a LOT from simply listening to a different point of view, investigating a different culture, or reading a different genre than we usually do. 

So explore! Expand your horizons. Share a little :)

Next post I’m going to really breach the subject of evangelism, trekking into the land of one-on-one.

Btw, congrats to the Miss America 2012 :). Pageant work is hard…judging is hard o_o

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