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Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 PAD *Poem a Day* Update Week 4

Can you believe it?? The PAD challenge is officially over...we made it!

I planned to update on saturday -_-, but after the conference (training hours for daycare), the yardsale, and massive house cleaning (mold o_o), my brain was like jello. Also, I didn't get to the Day 30 poem until this morning ^_^'...anyway....

The end was bittersweet—on the one hand, a huge sigh of relief, and on the other, a forlorn glance back (is it really over? So soon?)

There were many days I thought I'd call it quits, when I thought I couldn't make it because I'd had a long day, my brain wasn't cooperating, I sucked, etc., but I survived the whole month, one poem at a time. And honestly, despite those rough patches, I really enjoyed myself—so much so I'm seriously considering doing it again (or something like it) soon.

Like summer kind of soon. July, anyone? (:

Couldn't resist :)
Comment if you're interested; I'd love to connect with you and have a writing buddy (or lots of writing buddies. That'd be stellar)! Or you can just find me on Twitter (@lynannecarroll) or Fb or Instagram (kasukedo17).

As I've done for the weeks 2 and 3, here are some poets whose work I enjoyed in my brief moments of scrolling on Poetic Asides:
  • Sara Ramsdell (dandelionwine)
  • Sara Diane Doyle (SestinaNia)
  • Ravyne
  • M. Marie
  • Bruce Niedt

You can see their work on the Poetic Asides blog or use the search tool. :)

And if you haven't seen my other updates and you're interested in seeing my work, some tips, and/or some other poets, you can check out PAD Challenge Updates for weeks 1, 2, and 3.

Here are this week's poems:

Day 22
Prompt: Nature poem

More like Water

We could be like
tiny sparks
encased in droplets of dew
condensed and dancing to
the syncopated beats of life's rhythm
yet remaining still,
cognizant of the present: this moment,
its onward flow,
and the willingness to just
for the “yes”

Day 23
Prompt: Historic poem

The calm before the storm

Seize the moments
boundaries aren't blurred
and the sky is clear,
when you can run freely
alongside your potential enemy—your greatest friend—
barefoot in the summer grass.
Cherish them in the deep
reaches of your heart
where none but God can touch;
when war comes,
perhaps you will remember the
goodness and simplicity
most forget.

Day 24
Prompt: Moment poem


When I blow those fuzzy white 'petals' into the sky
it's like wishing upon shooting stars
11:11, or
dropping a coin into a well
but just for a
I pretend each seed is a hang glider
casting off into
an alternate universe, a
parallel reality
and I latch on, allowing myself
to be taken by the wind
to live vicariously
just for a

Day 25
Prompt: Across the sea poem (Could be literal or figurative, wandering or wondering)


You asked me,
what I wanted in this life—
to be, and to do in being.
I'd been watching,
discovering how even
a bumblebee's wanderlust
has purpose,
pollinating purple clovers and monarda blooms
as it explores the countryside.
I decided
what I wanted was to be
with You and for You, to
fully embrace
who I am
in You

Day 26
Prompt: Take two words coined by Shakespeare and use them as the title poem

gnarled critic

she is empty
in a space meant to be
prodded by greed and apathy
and a beguiling sense of
longevity despite ill health,
in the belief that
'this way of life' is acceptable.

i choose
a better Way

Day 27
Prompt: Looking back poem

I was unsure about how I wanted to "finalize" the rough draft. This poem was written in its entirety in about three seconds, and then I faltered over the ending (been) and thought maybe it was too abrupt, so I lengthened it a bit. Dunno if I should keep the addition or not. Also, syntax...! :sigh:


I don't look back.
I step into the past and relive
every bit of memory
I can salvage
and build seven, nine,
two thousand three hundred and sixty eight
uncharted visceral speculations of
what could have been—

Day 28
Prompt: Matter or Anti-matter (or both) poem

broken things

let's not argue over
inconsequential things
broken promises
only matter to those
who have not already been
who do not live in
palaces of jade
and iron

Day 29
Prompt: What nobody knows poem


he doesn't know what i was
just that i am polarized,
sometimes-sinking, yet
never wholly gone.
he waits while i go
deep-sea diving;
no matter how many times
i submerge and shatter, i always
more beautiful
than all the times

Day 30
Prompt: Bury the [blank] poem

Bury the outside

she paints stick figures, trees and smudged
raindrops with willowy fingers on invisible walls
enclosing her mind while she sings
nonsensical lullabies
that echo through
unbreached solitude.

she is Unreachable.

she will never suffer defeat, but will
always wonder
what the outside
has become

Hrm. This week is a challenging one for favorites :/, but I think I like More Like Water the best.

Do you have a favorite (or...a not favorite)? Let me know in the comments!

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