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Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 PAD *Poem a Day* Update Week 3

I had to post for my tour stop I guess Saturday is the new update day :D!

On day 24, Brewer asked what word we'd use to describe our April. Unsurprisingly, I chose hectic. 

Maybe it wasn't the most reasonable decision to do that PAD challenge while trying to get Whispers and Murmurs done (I know. It's tragic, really) and also taking on the 90 day Bible challenge (which is going...meh...but I'm learning a lot!), but even though it's been CRAZY DIFFICULT at times, it has been well worth it.

I haven't had much time to peruse the Poetic Asides posts each day, but I did find a few new poets :), so I'm going to share those.

In other news...keeping with the theme has continued to be a challenge :/. Also, I made a discovery: I have a lot of trouble beginning a poem with a title!

It's really weird. Sometimes when I start writing lyrics to a song I'll immediately have a title for it, but with poetry it's like I need to see the finished product, even if it's only a rough draft, before I can title it. Of course there are exceptions, but generally, it doesn't work out. 

So...I followed the rules and did the title thing, but when I wrote the poems, they didn't match their titles at all and I ended up changing them!!

*sigh* Oh well.

Anyway, onto those poets!
  • Michelle Hed
  • leatherdykeuk
  • L.A. Brass (anindeliblemark)
  • Anvanya

You can see their work on the Poetic Asides blog or use the search tool. :)

For more poets I enjoyed (and you might enjoy, too), check out my last update: Week 2If you're interested in some writing tips and/or would like to see my first week of the PAD challenge, go here.


Day 15
Prompt: Adjective poem


i was a stargazer, once
chasing innumerable
far-flown fantasies:
the goodness of humanity, the goodness of me
time passed, and
i remembered the stars;
yet i looked up
only to see a fathomless black sky.
not everyone
wanted to be 'better' or 'pure' or 'good',

but i, i longed for those stars

i am broken.

i refuse to accept
the same fate
of perpetual darkness others have so
readily embraced

i will be brighter than anyone
believed possible,
brighter even than those stars

Day 16
Prompt: Science poem

How a Heart Breaks

There is no science to
how a heart breaks—
whether it implodes or explodes,
shatters or fractures before crumbling
piece by piece
how, or in what order, the pieces that
can be found
should be gathered,
and in what places and with what materials
they should be stitched, glued, or cauterized
back together
into a working vessel
there is no specific increment of time
that can determine whether the heart will ever fully beat

Day 17
Prompt: Swing poem—


When I was little
I'd hop into one of the soft plastic swings
in my father's backyard
and ask him to give me a starter-push,
the crisp morning air of a Vermont summer
billowing against my small frame
as I rose higher and higher.

When I was a teenager
I'd plop onto one of the black seats
in the park by my mother's house
and watch the children clap and dance and shout
at the thrill of hiding
and being found
as I nudged cedar chips
with the tips of my toes.

When I became an adult
I pushed my own children in those
diaper-shaped swings
teens always joked about trying to fit in,
as I imagined them growing older, gripping
the chains and pumping their legs on their own.
They rise higher and higher until,
at last,
they soar

Day 18
Prompt: Pick only two vowels poem—this was a fun one


cry—seveNteen days,
tEn weeks,
three Grave years—
whatever the tAsk demands.
aDamantly revamp every answer.

Day 19
Prompt: Authority poem


Fifty-two cards in a deck:
four suits
two court jesters
and nine servants
to build a castle for
four aces
four wild princes
four bold queens
and three kings;
three kings—
Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds—
to sit upon thrones of pomp
and vanity, presuming the sovereignty of their
alliance and reign

Day 20
Prompt: My [blank], the [blank] poem

My Journey, the Way to the Dawn--yes, this is totally a KH reference...Got it Memorized? lol

I understand now,
that insurmountable darkness
you struggled and
against; that to grasp serenity
you had to let everything else

Day 21
Prompt: What you are or what you are not (or both) poem

Simple Complexity

My self and my other self
are constantly at war.

Meek or Bold?
Introverted or Extroverted?
Right or Left (hand)?
Heart or Head?
Simple: replace every 'or' with 'and'.

I am tangled in duality, a
paradox walking,
breathing. Melted down, I am
a fearfully and

This week fared a bit better in terms of favorites :). I really liked how bright turned out. How a Heart Breaks made a close second.

Do you have a favorite (or...a not favorite)? Let me know in the comments!

Write on! :)

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